FIC: Where Angels Fear to Tread (904 spoilers)

Title: Where Angels Fear to Tread
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: citrusjava
Spoilers: Up to 904
Warnings: Nothing I can think of, beyond show canon
Pairing/rating: Gen
Characters: Dean, Zeke, Sam
Disclaimer: This is fanfic. Boys and world aren't mine, just taking them out for a joy ride, wind in our windows and blasting Metallica. You should try that, too.
Words: ~1200

Summary: What could happen after 904, but won't.

FIC: Celebrate You, Baby (Dean/Sam, praise kink)

Title: Celebrate You, Baby
Author: citrusjava
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: light R? How do you rate kink?
Words: 1470
Warnings/kinks: Praise kink, light d/s, rushed, unbetaed
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or any characters from the show. Had I owned them, fandom would probably kick my ass for maltreatment.
Notes: Set during Tall Tales. This is my day 2, season 2 entry for the 8 Days of Wincest Challenge.

Summary: They both threw themselves into this stupid fight instead of talking. But Sam needs Dean to look at him the way he does.

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Small Packages, Part One (J2, PG-13 Crack)

Title: Small Packages, Part One.
Author: igorsmaster 
Rating: PG-13 right now. NC-17 later.
Pairings: None... yet. ;) Eventual J2
Characters: Jared, Jensen... and others on the way!
Warnings: CRACK. Seriously. CRACK. You have been warned.
Summary: Jensen wakes up small. REALLY small. And then he finds out he's not alone. Madness and hilarity ensue.
Word Count for this part: 1068

Part One

Link to Prologue (and Masterpost)

NC-17 | Come on Make it Last | Jensen/Danneel/Jared

Title: Come on Make it Last
Author's Name: dugindeep
Words: 3,600
Rating/Warnings: NC-17/Lotsa sex
Pairing Jensen/Danneel/Jared :-D
Disclaimers: Oh how I wish this were true.
Summary: Jared [un?]knowingly sets Jensen and Danneel off again, all thanks to a few servings of fruit.
Notes: Belated present for earthquakedream's birthday! Follows Shine on the Occasion, but you don't HAVE to read back. Title and link from Foo Fighters' Another Round. Thanks to queenklu for the beta &hearts

I will follow you down and out
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SPN RPS FIC: Murder and Martinis

Title: Murder and Martinis
Author: gigglingkat
Rating: PG13
Word Count/Genre: >29,750 Words, RPS AU Movie Remix
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared, Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens CW and Other RPF cast
Warnings: Heavy drinking by all characters.  References to murder and domestic violence (not J2).
Summary:  Movie Remix fic based on the 1934 film The Thin Man. Jared had given up the life of a playboy private detective.  For the past four years he'd happily been the husband and business protege of Jensen Ackles, the millionaire head of a magnate's vast empire.  But during a Christmas vacation in NYC, his old life crashes into his new and Jared finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation.  Thankfully, Jared's got Jensen, Icarus, and martinis to help him see it through.
Author's Notes:  The original work is a "hard boiled detective" novel (like noir, but less bleak) -the narration style here owes more than a little to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Mysteries. This is a complete AU - where same sex marriage exists legally at a federal level.  This is a work of fan fiction and is no copyright infringement is intended.

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Built For Sin (in six parts)

Built For Sin
Author: Igorsmaster
Artist: winchestergirl
Genre: J2 AU
Pairings: Jeffrey Dean Morgan/Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki (mention of Jared/OMCs)
Other Characters: Chad Michael Murray, Danneel Harris.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: bottom!Jared, Highlight over to see rest of warnings/kinks used: --> dub-con, public!sex, very mild watersports, bondage, bdsm..... <-- I think that's it :)
Summary: Jared Padalecki meets Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he's an insecure and impressionable young man. Jeff, on the other hand, is rich, worldly and very highly-sexed. So, to a young man coming from little to nothing, Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to have it all. Worried over losing Jeff, Jared is willing to do anything - including playing 'The Game'. For the older man, Jared willingly seduces attractive and wealthy men, no matter how unattainable they may seem, and brings them home for Jeff. The question becomes, what happens when one of those attractive men is Jensen Ackles - a man who is much more than Jared or Jeffrey Dean Morgan expects.


In 6 parts - Begin here --> @ the prologue

I Will Give You Fries With Steak Sauce [pg13] Jared/Jensen

Title: I Will Give You Fries With Steak Sauce
Author: queenklu
Beta: shri_amato
Rating: pg13
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Disclaimer: If this is true, i will let Sam and Dean out of their jar.
Summary: After Jared's meltdown of a phone call Jensen spends the night--platonically--but he's still moved out. There are rules about dating your best friend/co-star who is also a man.

A/N: sequel to Half the Chance to Go. Title from I Will Keep the Bad Things From You by The Damnwells.

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